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During your child's exam we will evaluate and assess your child's oral health and provide age appropriate instruction in proper oral health care. If treatment is indicated, we will develop a written treatment plan and we will go over it with you in detail, explaining our findings and recommendations.


We recommend exams twice a year (every 6 months).  This will help your child get comfortable with Dr. Shannon and staff. These visits also allow us to consistently evaluate your child's growth and take early corrective measures if needed. Some of our patients require more frequent (every 3 or 4 months) cleanings and check ups.  These may be children who are more cavity prone, have braces, or have a tendency to build up tartar more quickly.


Remember, regular exams and cleanings help prevent decay and avoid costly problems. Dental visits are part of leading a healthy and normal life for your child.

Our office invites you to stay with your child during visits.